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Dear Friends of Gabriele Publishing The Word,

Liobani, a daughter from the ray of wisdom, explains to us all – whether young or old – how much life, which is often invisible to us, is hidden in the animal, in the water,
in the tree... in all of nature.
With Liobani we learn, already as small children, about our spiritual origin and receive many aids to develop inner strength and higher ethical values in order to live
more happily and be free.

We are pleased to present three wonderful books by Liobani, as well as other books for children, as a special offer with a 20% discount in July and in many languages!

- Liobani Volume 1: I Tell a Story—Will You Listen?
Liobani, an angel being, a daughter from the ray of wisdom, teaches the children of this earth from 0 - 6 years and their parents that we are not of this world, but enveloped spirit beings in the earth school.
In English, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech, Slovenian, Croatian, Hungarian, Dutch, Macedonian and German

- Liobani Volume 2: I Advise—Do You Accept?
With true stories about nature beings, elemental spirits, plants and animals. And: It gives lots of explanations and help to understand and master life. For children aged 6 - 12 years.
In English, Spanish, Slovenian, Italian, Macedonian, French and German

- Liobani Volume 3: I Explain—Will You Join Me?
Whether it's about talents and abilities, exams at school or choosing a career—Liobani accompanies children and young people aged 12 - 18 and helps them develop inner values, the tools for life.
In English, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Croatian and German

- Ten Little Black Boys
A story of discovery, a wonderful saga about awakening to the inner life,
to the Spirit within us all.
In English, Polish, Spanish and Hungarian

- The Youth and the Prophet
A lively conversation between a youth and the Prophet.
In English, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Macedonian, Romanian and German

NEW - Illustrated Children's Books from "Liobani: I Advise — Do You Accept?"

- Robin Redbreast in English, Swahili, Italian and Serbian
- Sly Fox in English, Italian, Swahili, Hungarian and Serbian
- The Fire Spirits in English, Italian and Serbian
- The Little Fawn in English, Italian and Serbian
- The Shore Flies in English, Italian and Serbian

A Brief Look Into a Book:
In a passage from Liobani Volume 2, Liobani explains how when night falls over the land, the nature beings gather for the sun dance. One of their many songs is as follows:

... All worlds are in you and are also in me.
If you have recognized yourself, then you recognize me.
I love you and you love me.
Don't look here and there. Look within yourself.
There you will find your brother, your sister,
you will also find me,
the elf, the gnome, the little animal, the plant fine.
All feel each other, and all are one.
We thank the great Creator God.
We know no need.
Everything, everything is within us.
God is the deep source. ...

Dear friends, we hope you enjoy reading and learning with Liobani!

With our best wishes,
Your team at Gabriele Publishing The Word

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