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Celtic Harp Music

Instrumental Music


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Celtic Harp Music

Let your heart and soul be inspired by the magic of the typical rhythms!
Well-known Celtic folk melodies in a fresh interpretation with pan flute, guitar and the unique, clear sound of the Celtic harp.

1. The Kerry Jig
2. Give Me Your Hand
3. The Colloraine Jig
4. Eleanor Plunkett
5. Andro
6. Scilienne by J. S. Bach
7. Fanny Power
8. Arran Boat Song
9. The Ballydesmond Polka
10. Dance in the Woods
11. Carolan’s Welcome
12. Romance
13. Alfonso el Sebio
14. Som Coiman
15. Lauda Maddalena
16. Separation of soul from the body


Celtic Harp Music