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His Word – Eternal Presence

„God’s help is in all things because God, the omnipresent power of our Father,
is in everything and with everyone – also with you.“

Do you prefer reading digitally?

Discover eBooks in many languages on ethical topics,
on the prophecy of God in our time and the whys and wherefores of our life on Earth.

eBook – Esperanza y confianza

Esperanza y confianza son fuerzas positivas que no solo nos dan firmeza,
sino que nos apoyan para que podamos dar un giro positivo a nuestra vida.

Details on the creation of the
eternal Being and of our soul

How a soul is guided once it has left the physical body and
how it lives in the spheres of the beyond

Nader tot God in jou

Het woord van de Christus Gods aan de mensheid,
voordat deze wereld vergaat

La verdadera escuela es la vida. Tomo 1

Horas de enseñanza de Gabriele, la profeta y enviada de Dios en nuestro tiempo

Το μήνυμα από το σύμπαν

Για περισσότερα από 35 χρόνια, το Παν-Πνεύμα, ο ΘΕΟΣ,
χαρίζει σ’ εμάς τους ανθρώπους τον λόγο Του με

God Is Unity

The worlds of animals, plants and minerals belong
to the great family of God just as much as we human beings.

Это – Моё Слово. Альфа и Омега.
Евангелие Иисуса.

Откровение Христа, которое уже
известно истинным христианам
во всём мире.

イエス による 偉大な宇宙の教え

使徒たちと 弟子たちへ

Lär dig be

I den sanna bönen upplever du Gud.
Sann bön gör dig lycklig.

This revelation is given to
willing God-seekers as a gift

This multifaceted work gives humankind
a deep insight into the laws of God

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Activate Your Self-Healing Forces

What, actually, is health? What is illness? Is it the right medication alone that can influence the healing process?Let us learn to recognize why we become sick but also how we can remain healthy or experience soothing and healing, something which every individual can do.

Read the invaluable hints and suggestions for activating your self-healing forces.

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