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eBook – The Speaking All-Unity

The Word of the Universal Creator-Spirit


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The Speaking All-Unity – The Word of the Universal Creator-Spirit

In all of nature, the cosmic All-communication is alive. We can see this, for example, in a swarm of birds that can fly in huge formations without ever flying into each other. How is this possible?

Gabriele explains how the nature kingdom, the minerals, plants and animals, as well as the pure, divine beings are linked through the All-communication with each other and with the Creator-God, the All-One. She gives us insight through a spiritual crack in the door into the seven-dimensional Kingdom of God and shows us how we can find our way back into the All-unity of life.

From the Contents:

  • The make-up of the core of being in the Eternal’s cradle of drawing and creating
  • The Big Bang. What was before the Big Bang?
  • Our life film – We human beings live in pictures
  • The primary warfare agents – our thoughts
  • Why the weapons arsenals of this world?
  • All living beings and life forms from God’s creation are beings of the All-Unity
  • What separates us from the All-Unity, the communication with the eternal Creator-God? We learn on ourselves
  • Together we experience a virtual walk. And much, much more …
eBook – The Speaking All-Unity