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Everyone Dies for Himself Alone

The Contemporary Death Living and Dying in Order to Keep Living


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Product Information

With this book you receive insight into until now unknown correlations of life and death and into what awaits the soul of a person after the demise of the physical body in the beyond. This book is meant for everyone who wants to be free of the fear of death and go toward a conscious life, toward security, equanimity and inner steadfastness. For as Gabriele writes: “The one who learns to understand his life, no longer fears death.”

A sample from the text:

“Sooner or later, however, the hour comes for each one of us, when we will have to deal with our existence and death, above all, when we start to deal with our past; because then the conscience particularly, often speaks with a penetrating voice, which does not always all a good sleep. …

No one knows the year and the hour. but for each one, it is certain that this hour comes and with it the question: How shall I encounter ‘death’? What is ‘death’ to me? How do I feel about the whole process of my own dying? What ideas or concepts do I connect with it? Have I prepared myself for it? …”

From the contents:
• Purpose and meaning of life on Earth
• The process of dying
• Makeup of the finer-material soul and of the physical body
• Dangers by taking up contact with the beyond
• The shell garments of the soul in the beyond
• Like attracts like
• The significance of the genes of a human being
• Processes while in a deep sleep, the “little brother of death.”
• The silver band
• So-called death is not always death
• Heaven and hell, states of consciousness of the soul
• Influences by earth-bound souls
• The life film runs backward
• The “to-where” of human beings—and their task

Overcome a fear of death, by living consciously and finding a way to the inner being.

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Everyone Dies for Himself Alone