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Flowing Life

Instrumental Music


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Pictorial Melodies Inspired by the Most Beautiful Nature Scenes.

This CD takes you on a refreshing and stimulating musical journey. An acoustic getaway that enables you to return to everyday life with a feeling of invigoration: Inspired by the most beautiful, touching and vitalising sounds of nature, the musicians of the Santec Music Orchestra have composed diverse and vivid tunes in careful arrangements.
The result: Exhilarating feel-good music – from new classics to movie soundtracks – which tells of the fascination of nature, the act of the waves, green alpine meadows and even a journey into outer space.

All the pieces have been exclusively recorded by natural instruments such as the harp, piano, guitars, flutes and a string orchestra, and thus fit harmoniously into the multifaceted images of nature.

1.  Prelude
2.  Garden of Waters
3.  Waves of Calm
4.  Ligurian Coast
5.  Star Voyage
6.  Mediterranean Sunset
7.  Whitecaps and Ripples
8.  Emerald Lake
9.  Enchanted Hills
10. Alpine Meadows
11. Round Dance
12. Moon’s Reflection
13. Blue Planet

Flowing Life