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God Heals


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Healing, becoming healthy and at last being healthy have something to do with the fundamental inner order of the person.
Our life of feelings and thoughts, the consciousness of the person, has a powerful influence on our well-being. We foster this with our positive alignment with God, the source of strenght in us. Therefore, this book transmits to us the fundamental help and knowledge that the Eternal Spirit, the bringer of health and life, God, the love, never forsakes His human children.

With sympathy and memorable words, Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of the Eternal Kingdom explains how we can activate the powers of God in us, to strengthen soul and body.

An excerpt:

“We can transform down the positive powers present in us through base thoughts, through the acknowledgement of illness, fate, need, hopelessness and the like to such an extent, that our body becomes weaker and weaker. From a spiritual viewpoint, this means that the core of being in our soul, the energy potential through which the divine powers flow into us, becomes less active and is able to attract less and less energy of the Spirit. Furthermore, this means that the soul receives less and less life-giving energy and the physical body receives even less. Weakened organs thus become susceptible to illnesses, because they lack life force, that is, the energy of God.”

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God Heals