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Living Nature

Instrumental Music


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Product Information

Nature is life, fascination and joy: When we see the beginning of a new day, colorful flowers growing on barren rocks, a colorful rainbow decorating the sky or dolphins performing flips over the open sea, we become aware once again how strong and powerful nature is.

Inspired by this life force, Santec Music has set impressive natural moments and moods with pure natural instruments. Guitar, flute, harp and string orchestra strike soft tones, but also express the power of nature in tender melodies and relaxing rhythms. A power from which we can draw with the help of this feel-good music – whether at home, in the car, in wellness areas, …

1. Dawning Day
2. The Dolphins
3. Wings Over Fields
4. Birds Island
5. Promenade
6. Forest Pathway
7. Landscapes
8. Living Nature
9. The Rain
10. Rising Moon
11. Mountain Flowers
12. Waves on the Coast
13. Rainbow
14. Northern Fjords
15. Melody of the Soul

Living Nature