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Recognize and Heal Yourself with the Power of the Spirit (Softbound)


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Recognize and Heal Yourself Through the Power of the Spirit

“The Human Being is an Energy Field of Spirit”

The human being is an energy field of Spirit. A weakening of this energy field through negative thinking and living leads to illness. The right way of living and positive thinking, on the other hand, allows us to be healthy and remain spiritually alert, to heal soul and body.

Find the way to your soul, and become acquainted with your consciousness centers, which are the switching points of the spiritual-divine life-forces, the link between soul and body, and experience the self-healing forces …

An Excerpt to Heal Soul and Body:

“Chapter: Increased performance and equilibrium by positively charging the magnetic field. Targeted magnetic charging of the soul and body brings about a healing success and increased performance, among other things. A positive magnetic field also results in harmony and balance. …

A Small Selection from the Contents

  • Part 1: The Human Being as an Energy Field of Spirit – The Right Way of Life to Stay Healthy and Spiritually Active
    • The spiritual forces are also healing forces that every human being can request – Lawful thoughts and actions lead back into the energy field of Spirit
    • The effects of negative thoughts and human conceptions – Blessedness and well-being by the power of thoughts – The reaction of the body cells to negative thoughts and medications
    • Negative effects caused by the exploitation of the Earth and technical achievements – The law of cause and effect – The meaning of the instruction “Subdue the Earth” and of the spiritual law “Like attracts like”
    • Positive or negative programming in the morning is decisive – Ether powers at sunrise are active for human beings and the harvest
    • Dead food and the heavenly elixir of life – What vibrations adhere to animal products and to organic foods? – Killing and consuming animals leads to soul burden – Incorrect preparation and usage of farmland
    • Prayer releases energies – Fanaticism causes harm Self-chastisement does not dissolve cravings – Repression and its incalculable consequences – Self-chastisement does not dissolve cravings – Repression and its incalculable consequences for the soul
    • How can the vibration of “auxiliary food” be built up? – The heart prayer and its actualization is the highest dispenser of energy
    • Illnesses, physical and spiritual death as the result of wrong thinking and acting
  • Part 2: The Spiritual Vegetarian – Self-Healing of Various Illnesses
    • How can I keep my soul and body in harmony?
    • Structure and function of the ether body – The soul and the physical body – The ether tree in the human being supplies all the organs of the body with the holy ether power – Significance of the seven consciousness centers
    • Conduct with headaches – Possible causes – Relief of tension and pain – What is a spiritual vegetarian?
    • The alignment with the magnetic currents of the Earth – Beneficial effects of water veins – The healing ether powers in dew – The effects of the sun’s radiation
    • How can people who possess special spiritual abilities, for instance, dowsers, be tested?
    • Invocation of ether powers and magnetic currents with brain injury, epilepsy, headaches, migraines and brain disorders – Activating the sixth consciousness center
    • Activating the Fifth Consciousness Center – Toothache, festering tonsils, illnesses of the respiratory organs; Larynx, vocal cords, breathing, the Thyroid Gland
    • Praise the cells of your body – The life force in them will increase – Composure – An upright posture – Physical exercises
    • The correct use of medicines and medicinal herbs – Healing meditation and healing exercises
    • Activating the Fourth Center of Consciousness – Heart and circulatory problems; illnesses of the Lungs
    • The Second and Third Consciousness Centers – treatment of the spinal column – Digestive organs, the stomach
    • The First Consciousness Center: Coccyx area
    • There is no illness in the domain of the Spirit – Fear and worries open the door wide for illness – Spheres of purification and incarnations – Their significance for the development of the soul
    • An operation – Turning point and opportunity in the life of a human being – Conduct before surgery
  • Part 3: Further Instructions and Recommendations Concerning Certain Illnesses
    • Increased performance and equilibrium by positively charging the magnetic field
    • Conduct when feeling fatigue, depression and loss of energy
    • The frequencies of the ocean waves
    • Why older people like to feed birds
    • General indications for the illness of cancer
    • The healing effects of rye and wheat fields
    • The ether powers of various kinds of moss and of forest grass
    • Cleansing the body should also take place from within
    • Advice for scrofula and psoriasis
    • Ulcers, wounds and burns
  • Part 4: The Various Fragrances and Their Effects
  • Part 5: The Significance of Colors and Sounds and Their Effects on the Soul and the Person
  • Part 6: . . . Summary of the most important laws of God revealed in this book


The book “Recognize and Heal Yourself…” includes two Schematic Drawings of the human body and its Consciousness Centers and identifies the organs associated with each. (Also includes an “Index of Healing Herbs and their Latin Nomenclature”)

The book “Recognize and Heal Yourself…” is also available in German language.

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Recognize and Heal Yourself with the Power of the Spirit (Softbound)