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Recognize and Heal Yourself with the Power of the Spirit


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The human being is an energy field of the Spirit. A weakening of this energy field through negative thinking and living leads to illness. The right way of living and positive thinking, on the other hand, allows us to be healthy and remain spiritually active.

Find access to your soul, and get to know the consciousness centers, the switching point of the spiritual-divine life force, the link between soul and body. Experience self-healing via the power of the Spirit with various illnesses as well as the effects of different types of fragrances, colors and sounds.


Part 1
The Human Being as an Energy Field of the Spirit – The Right Way of Life to Stay Healthy and Spiritually Active
The positive or negative programm in in the morning is decisive

The human being is a vibrating body of energy. Thousands of rays hit this body every minute, which may either keep it healthy or harm it. It all depends on the person‘s behavior in his everyday life, and especially, on how he programs himself in the morning, shortly after awakening. …

As soon as he awakens and his senses become active, …

Recognize and Heal Yourself with the Power of the Spirit