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The Animal-Friendly Cookbook

On the Way to Nature -The vegan classic - a favorite for over 10 years!


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Product Information

Easy vegetarian recipes for the whole family — and all seasons of the year!

When this book was first published, the word “vegan,” as the description of a diet completely without animal products (like milk, cheese, eggs) was hardly familiar in common parlance. Today The Animal-Friendly Cookbook – On the Way to Nature is a classic among the countless vegan cookbooks newly published.

It demonstrates that the step toward an animal-friendly diet is really not so big. For the tricks and tips for a delicious and tasty meatless cuisine are really not secrets, nor are they difficult to put into practice in daily life… These easy vegetarian recipes are sure to bring cheer to your holidays, your summers, and your family time throughout the year.

The Animal-Friendly Cookbook