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The Falsified Bible

The True Word of God or a Mismash of the Caste of Priests


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If one believes in the Bible, then, at the time of the prophet Moses, God called for genocide, the death penalty and animal sacrifices. At the same time, however, God gave the commandment through Moses that says: “You shall not kill.” And through many prophets of the Old testament, God also clearly distanced Himself from the rituals of animal sacrifice. How come? Does God have two opinions – or was the Bible falsified?

It is astonishing that to the Catholic and Protestant Churches, all parts of the Bible are the true “word of God” despite the many obvious inconsistencies and falsifications.

To find the answer to why there are so many contradictions in the Bible, we first have to answer the question: Who wrote the Bible? Who decided which writing would be included in the Bible and which not – and why not?

The answer is sobering: at all times, it was the Pharisees, the scribes and theologians who made these decisions – figuratively speaking, the “caste of priests”. But what interests played a role in this?

In the television program “The Falsified Bible” this question is answered – and the result can surprise and astonish us.

The Falsified Bible