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eBook – The Free Spirit – God in Us

by Gabriele


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There is always talk about God—but who knows the truth? The fact is that no one can prove to another that God exists. For this reason, experience yourself that God, the Free Spirit is in us! In this book, Gabriele gives food for thought, help and suggestions on how each person can find happiness and freedom… by finding God. We don’t need churches, religions, priests or rituals. God dwells in us, every moment of the day. Every person can have experiences of God and gain the joy and certainty: God is in each one of us. God is in all forms of life. God is present in all things.

Excerpt: “… Each day, at every moment, we can learn to draw closer to God, the life in us, and we can practice perceiving the life, God, which surrounds us in all things. Then we experience God. We experience God and no longer bind ourselves to people who pretend they can prove God.”



eBook – The Free Spirit – God in Us