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The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

to His Apostles and Disciples Who Could Understand Them with Explanations by Gabriele


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The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

The Spiritual Laws of the Universe

Ancient Prophecy and Cosmic Wisdom, for All People Today

Christ lays out in this monumental book the Spiritual Laws of the Universe which Jesus taught to His inner circle. Not a speck of cosmic wisdom is hidden from us by God! This is an eternally true prophecy given today from our divine origin, an ancient prophecy — for all cultures worldwide.

What would you answer if you were asked what Jesus of Nazareth taught the people of His time? Love of neighbor, love of enemy, peacefulness? Or, maybe lack of violence, forgiveness and asking for forgiveness? Simply: everything summarized in His Sermon on the Mount … But He, the Son of the Eternal Father, also taught much, much more! What most people know of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth is but a thimbleful from the unending fullness of spiritual cosmic wisdom and teachings, exercises for self-recognition and insight into the true life of each soul. As He taught it to the inner circle of His disciples.

Today, through the prophetess and emissary of the eternal Kingdom, Gabriele, this great cosmic wisdom is again available to all people. It is the law of the All-Highest, which helps us understand the infinite divine correlations of all life, the laws of spiritual being, and makes us familiar with our true divine origin as the sons and daughters of God.

True Prophecy for Today from the Spirit of Christ, An Excerpt

“If you have found yourself, then you have found God, and you are at home in the All. Then you do not need to look around for the All nor look to the right, or to the left, nor upward or downward – the All is in you; God is in you; your neighbor is in you; all the forces of the kingdoms of nature are in you.

If you have found yourself, then you behold everything in you, because you are everything in all things, yourself. …”

The Prophetess Explains the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, An Excerpt:

“Gabriele: The whip of inner strength consists of the law of God, of the seven basic powers of God, from Order to Mercy.

By overcoming our humanness and by actualizing and fulfilling the spiritual laws of the universe, the inner life unfolds in us. We increase in spiritual strength, which we are more and more able to actively put into practice. We then oppose the temptations of the all-too-human with decisiveness and firmness and send away the vagabond thoughts that insinuate themselves. What touches and moves us in the way of human aspects, we immediately overcome by mastering ourselves with the help of the transforming power of the Christ of God.”

From the Contents

  • Love is the law of life. The one who loves selflessly lives. The one who does not love selflessly does not live. He has joined the spiritually dead…
  • The truly wise one lives in the world for the divine world and is merely a transformer of selfless love, the inner power. He is selfless giving. For this reason, it is not he who speaks and acts, but it is God through him.
  • The darkness plays with the human being…
  • Boundaries restrict and lead to hardening. When boundaries remain in force for a long time, people believe they are separated from each other by these boundaries.
  • The divine energy that we transformed down, that is, the negative energy, is transformed back into divine flowing power. In this way, we transform it up again, to its divine origin, to God.
  • Recognize: Every sensation, every thought, every word and every action is energy.

This book is a divine revelation of the Christ of God, with explains by the prophetess for our time and consists of eternal cosmic wisdom, ancient prophecy which is nevertheless applicable today, a true prophecy of the spiritual laws of the universe.

You can also find the book “The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth…” in the languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Slovenian.

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The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth