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The Inner Path to the Cosmic Consciousness

Basic Levels: Order - Will - Wisdom - Earnestness


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The Inner Path to the Cosmic Consciousness

Basic Levels: Order, Will, Wisdom, Earnestness

A Practical Course for Spiritual Development

A practical Course for spiritual development, given from the spiritual spheres. “The Kingdom of God is within, in you” – Jesus of Nazareth thus spoke 2000 years ago. And He, the Christ of God, brought us the teaching of peace in His Sermon on the Mount – the guidelines, with which we can walk the path to God in us. It is the Inner Path to the heart of God, the path back into our true eternal homeland, into the Kingdom of God.

Today, in our time, we receive a practical path of schooling, a course for Spiritual Development in full detail. Given as a revelation by the Cherub of divine Wisdom and supplemented with explanations given by Gabriele to the individual learning steps. She gives encouragement, help and instructions, on how each one can follow this path of self-recognition with Christ, that helps us free ourselves from the burdens of the soul bit by bit. In this way, we find peace – in ourselves, with our fellow people, in the family, at work, but also with all of the creation of God, with the animals and with nature.

Excerpt from a chapter in the Spiritual Course, Level of Order

“…This is trust, concentration and alignment. And if it is still good for us, our desire will be fulfilled, and our plan will succeed. If it is not good for us, it will fail. We should accept both, the success as well as the possible failure. If, however, we start weighing the outcome beforehand, while questioning our project, we hinder God in His works. By being torn here and there, by weighing the pros and cons, by affirming and doubting, we may even achieve the success of a plan that is, however, not good for us. …”

A Selection from the Contents of the Level of Order

  • Initiation
    • Prerequisites for the Inner Path — A calling? — Heroic sacrificial courage
    • Hearing voices
    • The purification of the soul
  • Basic Teachings and Instructions for the Level of Order
    • The soul prayer — The sun prayer
    • Discipline and alignment
    • The mystical journal
    • The consciousness centers in human beings
  • Body Rhythm and Training the Organ of Sight
    • The first task: Body rhythm — Order of thoughts
    • Refinement of the senses
    • The second task: Training the organ of sight
  • Training of Sight and Hearing and Overcoming the Past
    • Exercises for training the eyes to foster unity: Contemplating nature
    • Training the senses to schooling the heart
    • Memories and correspondences — Vagabond and recurring thoughts
    • Letting the past rest — Forgiving and asking for forgiveness
    • Training the hearing: The effect of disharmonious and harmonious sounds
    • Step-by-step refinement not mortification; conscious mind, subconscious, soul — From the human to the spiritual
  • Training the Sense of Touch
    • The uncontrolled sense of touch — Seven-times-seven aspects of consciousness
    • The person as the plaything of his outer senses and other forces — Everything is vibration
    • Exercise: Conscious touch
    • An upright mind, therefore, an upright posture
    • Excessive gesticulation versus harmony
    • Exercise: An “excursion” into the cosmos
    • Communication with beautiful, positive forces in all things
    • Questions for women and men (beards, long hair, clothing, etc.)
    • “Sense of humor,” clothing and celebrations of spiritual love
  • Self-Recognition by Training the Senses of Hearing, Smell and Taste
    • Fight before the victory
    • Task: Hearing to within and to without
    • Training the senses of smell and taste (inner and outer days)
    • Conscious eating — Fulfilling desires
    • Planning — Letting go and living in the present
    • The satan of the senses
    • Aging and inner youth — Inner freedom and inner peace

A Selection from the Contents of the Level of Will

  • Initiation
  • Self-recognition and Overcoming out of Love for God
  • Partnership — Grace Period — the Past
  • Ennoblement of Physical Relations
  • Emerging Spiritual Dynamism

and much more…


This book contains 40 illustrations for a physical exercise, or “body movement,” provided by the Spirit. These are mean to accompany the spiritual work described in this book. In addition, the Level of Order includes a schematic drawing of the human body and its seven Consciousness Centers.

The book “The Inner Path to the Cosmic Consciousness” is also available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, Macedonian, Polish, Slovenian

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The Inner Path to the Cosmic Consciousness