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The Inner Path to the Cosmic Consciousness – Level of Order


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A segment of the Inner Path, a help for the Development of Consciousness in us.

“The Kingdom of God is within, in you” – Jesus of Nazareth thus spoke 2000 years ago. And He, the Christ of God, brought us the teaching of peace in His Sermon on the Mount – the guidelines, with which we can walk the path to God in us. It is the Inner Path to the heart of God, the path back into our true eternal homeland, into the Kingdom of God.

Today, in our time, we receive a practical path of schooling in full detail, given as a revelation by the Cherub of divine Wisdom and supplemented with explanations given by Gabriele to the individual learning steps. She gives encouragement, help and instructions, on how each one can follow this path of self-recognition. She shows how to improve the development of consciousness with Christ, that helps us free ourselves from the burdens of the soul bit by bit, thus finding peace – in ourselves, with our fellow people, in the family, at work, but also with all of the creation of God, with the animals and with nature.

A sample from the book:

“The purer our souls become, the more we will receive externally, because the fullness comes toward the person who has opened the fullness in his heart and in his soul. This can happen in this life or in one of the following lives.”

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The Inner Path to the Cosmic Consciousness – Level of Order