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Who is Sitting on the Chair of Peter?

Only for the cleaver and analytical mind


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Product Information

In a series of radio programs that were broadcast worldwide the following questions are answered: What is actually behind the Chair of Peter, the Holy See? How did the Holy See portray itself in the past? What are its intentions? This book informs you about the following, among other things:

  • The true prophets of God as well as Jesus warned against priests.
  • The murderous instructions of the Old Testament still hold true according to the Catholic Catechism and Protestant doctrine.
  • The Books of Moses were for the most part written by priests almost 1000 years after Moses.
  • Church doctrine a crass contradiction to the true teaching of Jesus.
  • Early Christianity was turned into its opposite through the dictatorial and power-wielding practices of the bishops.
  • The cult of Mary and revering relics: Whoever does not believe in this is eternally damned by the Catholic Church … and much more.




Who is Sitting on the Chair of Peter?