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Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?

(6 – 12 Years)

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Magical bedtime stories with Morals
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Product Information

The Truth about Elemental and Nature Beings

…and spiritual advice for young and old!

“Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?”

Includes: True Stories of Elemental and Nature Beings: Air Spirits, Fire Spirits, and Water Spirits; Fairy Elementals, Nymphs, and Sprites; and Elves, Dwarves, and Gnome Beings.

The Truth about Nature Spirits and Elemental beings; True Fairy Stories for all ages

Enchanting tales for children and adults about animals, spiritual elemental beings and nature spirits (these are the elves, gnomes, and fairies, for example!) Spiritual advice and guidance are given for many stages of life in the form of fairy and gnome stories, tales of the spirits of all elements, the mountain spirits — and even a merman. These true fairy stories cover, for example:

  • How do elementals, spiritual beings like fairies, gnomes, elves and nymphs, help us human beings in everyday life? And are fairies real? (Yes!)
  • Advice for teenagers on how to discover their talents and abilities.
  • Practical advice for parents to lead children into a life of unity with nature.
  • Finally, how can we raise children to be open and secure, to feel inner freedom with the ability and strength to make decisions?

And for the children, this book includes beautiful drawings to match these true fairy tales. Stories and pictures show how the invisible beings of nature and the elemental spirits work together. They help all life forms, whether human, animal or plant, wherever and whenever help is needed…

Sample Passages about the Spiritual Elementals and Nature Beings

What is a Nature Being, or an Elemental Spirit?

Liobani explains to us what a nature being, or an elemental, is:

“The spiritually wise person recognizes the spiritual state of consciousness even in material life forms.

…Know that seen with the spiritual eyes, the fire, water and air spirits are not yet fully formed entities. Their energy body can dissolve in flowing air as well as in flaming fire or in the rays of the sun. The same applies to the water spirits; they, too, can dissolve in flowing water. As you already know, the elemental spirits are part of the evolution process. They are spiritual elemental powers. In the divine realms, they are called the four powers of development, and in the world, they are called fire, water, earth and air.

Even the nature beings that cannot be seen with the human eye – since they are spiritual bodies – show their state of consciousness in their form. These forms of nature can be called elemental spirits or nature beings. Here, I will not make any great difference between these forms of individual states of consciousness, because every spiritual element is contained in the other. As long as the consciousness forms have not yet reached the expression of a fully developed spirit being, they are development forms, which I will call either elemental spirits, elemental beings or nature beings.”

What are The Forest Beings? Elves, Dwarves, Imps and Gnome Stories.

“Thus, among the nature beings, there are the so-called gnomes, the soil-goblins – also called the little soil-man – the forest beings – which human children call forest imps – and the elves, which are the female principles.

Together, they help and serve the less developed life forms, the flowers, bushes and animals. The forest spirits, like all other elemental spirits, also live on reserves, that is, in certain regions, in which they fulfill their tasks for plants and animals.

There are also resting and sitting benches in the living quarters of the forest beings. They are made out of beautifully curved roots.

When night covers a continent, the forest spirits go to their living quarters. They meet in their common rooms and lie down on their small root benches. They report about the day’s occurrences, about their activities as invisible helpers and servers of nature and of the animal world. They also report about their encounters with human beings and tell how they were able to help them.

Now we listen to a few true stories from elves and how they ended up helping people and animals, working together with the other elemental spirits…”

What are Water Spirits …Mermen, Mermaids and Fairies? True Stories About Fairies, Nymphs and Merpeople.

“… The water spirits, which are also called fairies and nymphs, care for and look after the various types of water animals and water plants. They understand the language of the fish; they know the sounds of the individual animal species and understand their language, because the world of sensations of the many fish and water plant species is active in them. …

The water spirits are the jolliest among the elemental spirits. They like to celebrate small and larger festivities. They invite many big and smaller fishes to these. The water spirits rarely celebrate only among themselves; they often ask the air and fire spirits to join in their celebrations.

The festivities take place especially when a continent turns away from the sun; you call it sunset. Then the water spirits announce the celebration of harmony. …”

And a story about the merman King Prudence:

” … Suddenly, away from those who are dancing, the ocean moves. With great pageantry and might, one of the kings of the oceans, a merman, rises up. He raises his trident, a reed that has been bent in such a way that it has three points. It is entwined with water lilies. He says: “My friends, you dancing elemental beings and you hopping fish, you are too loud!’

You must know that the elemental forms are all developed to a different degree. This results from the corresponding vibration degrees of the atoms in the air, as well as in the fire and in the water. Thus, for example, the form of the merman is more highly developed than the forms of the nymphs and the water fairies.

But when he looks into the shining faces of the amazed elemental beings, merman Prudence realizes that he made a mistake. …

King Prudence, the merman, turns to the fairies and the nymphs and asks them to accompany him to the depths of the sea, to his great water palace. Only the frogs continue to croak and sing their song in honor of the Creator-God who created them.

The water palace, deep below the surface of the sea, certainly looks peculiar, but is very beautiful. Dear little brother, or sister. I would like to describe the water palace of the merman Prudence and his wife. … “

…And what about the Fire Spirits? What do Elemental Beings of Fire look like?

“A fire spirit can also show itself in other colors and forms. From your point of view, the fire spirit can look very dark; this happens when it moves through a cloud of smoke.

We could say that although the primary color remains red, the fire spirit changes its colors and forms all according to its activity, to where it is presently at work for the living beings that are entrusted to it.

So that you can have an easily remembered picture, I will ask our sister who can paint well that she paint two or three fire spirits: one in the primary color, red, another in the radiant bright light that is like the light of a candle and another dark fire spirit that is moving through smoke. …”

Who are the Air Spirits? The Spiritual Beings of the Air Elemental

Liobani explains one of the tasks of the spiritual elementals of air:

“…Dear child, all elemental beings have several tasks. One task of the air spirit is, for instance, this one: When a big whirlwind begins to sweep across the land, then the air spirits become active. They send out fine vibrations, tones that are also melodies, to the nature spirits and also to the fire spirits, in order to warn the people who are underway or have started a fire.

Among other things, the fine signals of the air spirits have the effect that some animals seek shelter while others can be brought into safety by the earth spirits. The fine signals that move through the air are intuitively perceived by many animals. They hole up under big trees, in the bark of trees, under large leaves, or even in the soil itself. At the same time, the air spirits warn the many birds to seek shelter. The wind guides or drives them to where they are protected from the storm.

The air, fire, water and earth spirits also warn people to return in time to their apartments and houses or other places of refuge. You will now ask: In which way does an air spirit make itself noticeable to a person, in order to make the person aware of the looming danger?

It may increase a gust of wind, for example, that blows through a person’s hair and tangles it up. The person is startled, looks up to the sky and wonders: Is a thunderstorm or storm coming? The person sees how dark clouds are gathering and running, reaches safety just in time before the whirlwind sweeps through the streets, cities, villages and over the land and a severe thunderstorm begins…”

Selected Topics from the Contents – Spiritual Wisdom for All Ages! 

The Child from Six to Nine Years of Age

  • The invisible beings of thought
  • The incarnations of the soul
  • Only light-filled souls perceive the highest radiation spheres
  • Everyone has a different state of consciousness
  • The spiritual and the earthly school
  • Become a capable and useful person
  • Whatever you do to your neighbor, you do to yourself.
  • Recognition of abilities and talents, of difficulties and problems, in good time
  • Raising your child to think positively
  • When parents quarrel
  • The child’s favorite animal and favorite doll

A Narrative by Liobani: The Spiritual Elementals and True Fairy Stories

  • The invisible helpers, the nature beings and elemental spirits – their path of evolution, their appearance and activity
  • The air spirits
  • The fire spirits
  • The guardian angels and nature beings work together to help people
  • True Fairy Stories: The water spirits also known as water fairy elementals, water nymphs, mermaids and mermen

Games for Training the Senses, Concentration and Self-Recognition

  • A game with the senses
  • A game for training the concentration
  • A game of insight

Liobani: More True Stories of Fairy Elementals, Spiritual and Nature Beings

  • The elemental spirits and nature beings
  • The forest spirits, the more highly developed spiritual elemental: dwarves, gnomes, elves and imps
  • Elf “Faith Little” reportsElves and Gnomes are the female and male nature beings
  • “Sly Fox”
  • “The little fawn”
  • “Robin Redbreast”
  • “The Sun Dance” – A prayer dance of the nature spirits

For the Growing Youth from Nine to Twelve Years

  • For the parents
  • Reviewing the book of life
  • Aptitude for a later occupation
  • The growing youth
  • Parents as role model instead of authority

For the Young Brothers and Sisters

  • Personal experiences and decisions
  • Abilities, talents, qualities
  • Finding yourself
  • Setting a course for life
  • Selflessness
  • Who is Liobani? – What are the spirit beings (as opposed to nature beings)?
  • What is a mountain spirit? The mountain spirit is the inner life of the mountains. The spirit of the mountain’s consciousness is that of the stone and mineral kingdoms.

Included Colorful Illustrations

The sections of this book which include stories for children is full of vibrant narratives of animals, nature beings, children and elemental spirits (e.g., elves, fairies, nymphs, imps, sprites and gnomes). These are accompanied by vivid colored pencil illustrations that pop off the page. Illustrations include depictions of nature beings and spirit elementals: the fairy elementals and nymphs (water spirits), the nature beings to accompany the elf and gnome stories, the mountain spirit, and air and fire elementals.


Explanations and true stories

by LIOBANI, a pure spirit being

from the Eternal Kingdom, revealed
via the prophetess and emissary of God,



For children from 6 to 12 years of age

Very rich in teachings for adults, as well.

This book is also available in many other languages, as well as in German language.

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Magical bedtime stories with Morals
Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?
Original price was: € 24,90.Current price is: € 19,90.