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eBook – Astral Horror


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Astral Horror – as horrible as that sounds, whoever reads this book will learn that it is not the words that are so horrifying, but the reality of what is described in it as taking place. The contents of this book give us insight into the correlations that concern the emergence of the soul and how it is influenced on this side of life and in the beyond – described in great detail, only now, through Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God for our time.

People who believe in a higher existence that we call Creator or God, should be aware that this side of life and the beyond are not separate. What this means for our life now, here on the Earth, and for our future life in the beyond, is described by Gabriele in a “horror scenario.” For example: How earth-bound souls work to make a person submissive to their influence; how addiction programs have their effect in the beyond, how our behavior on this side of life affects the further path of our life as a soul – and how God untiringly strives to again lead His human children, all of us, to love, freedom and unity.

Every person has a spiritual guardian being at his or her side, which, according to free will, admonishes and warns. But whether the person perceives the impulses or disregards them is determined by the person himself. Life on Earth is dangerous, and yet, each person has his own path of becoming in hand …

eBook – Astral Horror