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eBook – The Path of Forgetting

The Microcosm in the Macrocosm


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Many people start from the premise that everything is energy and no energy is lost! If no energy is lost, where do the differing degrees of vibration of the energies remain? Where are all the situations and occurrences, all the pros and cons of our life on earth recorded? And If everything, truly everything that concerns us shapes our consciousness, then our character develops from this, imprints us and determines our thinking and acting. For every person is a microcosm in the macrocosm and we store and record unceasingly.

When a person passes on, its soul “lives in another dimension that is of finer material substance. But the habits, which it acquired as a human being stay with it for a long time. Every action is energy and is registered in the macrocosm. Everything that is part of the human being, of the three-dimensional world is taken with the soul into the other world of the beyond, will have to be remedied on the path of forgetting…”

This book by Gabriele explains the correlations and courses through life that are mostly still unknown, but decisive for shaping our days on Earth.

eBook – The Path of Forgetting