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Words of Life for the Health of Soul and Body

This book is based on the Christ-revelation: Cause and Development of All Illness


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Product Information

Words of Life for the Health of Soul and Body
A Book for Spiritual Healing

How do illness or health emerge? What influence does our way of living and our thoughts have on whether we are healthy or sick? What is the effect of the destructive behavior of human beings on nature, on the animals, and on their own state of health? Learn about Spiritual Healing through this revelation from the Eternal Kingdom. This revelation helps us to understand the processes in the inner being of a person which then lead to illness or to health—things that science is hardly aware of.

We learn more about the power of thought and its effect on life and about holistic healing. Beyond this, we gain knowledge about the correlations between the cosmos and the material world. Accordingly, we learn about the frontier zones between Spirit and matter, and much, much more.

Selected Excerpts from this Revelation from the Spirit

“Every cell is life and, as stated, has three aspects of consciousness: the spirit consciousness, the subconscious and the consciousness. Each cell belongs to a cell formation, which, in turn, has a spirit consciousness, a subconscious and a consciousness.

If the cell tissue has a high frequency of vibration because a lot of spirit power flows into the body via the soul, it repels negative energies. It protects itself by giving corresponding signals that are received by an alert person who then heeds them in thought and action. The organism is always a mirror of what people once thought into their soul and into their organism—and how they think today. …”

From the Contents of the book “Words of Life…”
  • The separation from the consciousness of unity and the emergence of matter
  • The role of the nervous system in the development of illnesses and blows of fate
  • Every organ is vibration, color, sound
  • The chance given by reincarnation
  • The quanta, the spiritual carriers of energy

And much more…

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Words of Life for the Health of Soul and Body