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eBook – Live the Moment

and You will See and Know Yourself


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Product Information

A spiritual book that shows us how we can learn to understand our life through the language of the day. Live the moment—and you will know yourself and find your way into the impersonal life, into your divine self. You will experience who you are and who and what your true self is. Each day brings to each person what is significant for him today, at every moment. For as Gabriele explains:

At every moment, the sensations and thoughts that concern a person’s spiritual and physical situation flash through his mind. They want to either warn him or show him new ways … or guide him correctly in a situation.

This book opens our eyes, showing us how we can set the course for our future at every moment.

In this book we learn:

  • What is the moment?
  • We ourselves input our programs
  • The significance of the night for soul and person
  • Become free of self-created causes and of the wheel of reincarnation
  • Every moment is a signpost
  • The positive energies
  • Our negative thought-forms produce illness, suffering or blows of fate
  • Our pictures of the future
  • ….
eBook – Live the Moment