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eBook – The Word of the Stars to the Person,the Microcosm, and His Soul

The Microcosm in the Macrocosm


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Why is there a material cosmos with its countless stars and planetary constellations, and what do they have to do with human beings and their souls?
An explanation of the cosmic correlations is given by Gabriele as a companion text to the book, “The Speaking All-Unity. The Word of the Universal Creator Spirit.”
Are we aware that the material macrocosm is the memory bank for human beings, because the small world of each one is stored there as an image? …
From a scientific viewpoint no energy is lost. Whatever enery each person emits – whether positive or negative – will come back to him. Consequently, the echo in the human being, what has to do with him, is the word of the stars … the inputs, which each person stores in the corresponding planetary, that is, star constellations, and which, are, in turn, sent back to him in segments …

From the contents:

  • A walk during a clear, starry night
  • Everyone who disregards God’s law of love and love of neighbour is a warrior against the law of God
  • Help from the world of the stars!



eBook – The Word of the Stars to the Person,the Microcosm, and His Soul