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Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?

(6 – 12 Years)


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Product Information

Liobani is an angel being, who guides and teaches the spirit children in the eternal spiritual worlds.

What Liobani wants to say to us human children on the Earth – whether large or small – has been written for us by a person who is able to translate the language of heaven into human words. It is Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God in our time.

In simple words, Liobani brings to children and adults the highest wisdom of heaven – with true narratives and explanations on many spiritual topics, as well as practical help and tips for the parents.

Her vivid narratives about animals and nature beings – with numerous illustrations – gladden not only the hearts of the children, but also many an adult, and give pictorial and humorous examples for a life in unity with nature and with our fellow people.

Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?