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Liobani: I Explain – Will You Join Me?

(12 - 18 Years)

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Product Information

Liobani helps the youth, to find freedom in God and to take their life in hand and to live an Ethical Life: in Relationships, School, Work and Life. For example, How do I find my type, my abilities? What is the right occupation for me?

Liobani explains how young people can develop communication with the Free Spirit who wants to help in every situation, for example, in shaping our life, in preparing for exams, by choosing a life partner, in dealing with our fellow people … She teaches how we can get to know ourselves more and more, and how we can come to understand what the events of the day want to tell us and much, much, more.

A few passages from the book:

“To be with God does not mean to be bigoted, nor does it mean to affect piety and solely meditate. To be with God and in God means to radiate love, kindness and gentleness and to show understanding, tolerance and good will toward your neighbor. However, as you have already learned, this does not imply supporting your neighbor’s self-will and thereby making yourself a slave to his will and desires.

To be in and with God means to stand in the world and to correctly fulfill the tasks you have taken on; to support, help and serve those people who need help and service—but not to be servile or to help merely in order to be left in peace or to receive a service in return.

Nor should you be servile at your place of work. Strive each day to conscientiously do the work assigned to you; then you will earn corresponding wages, for every just worker is due his wage. …”

A helpful guide to an Ethical Life for young people and teens: Relationships, School, Work, Life (and beyond!)

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Liobani: I Explain – Will You Join Me?
Original price was: € 15,00.Current price is: € 12,00.