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eBook – Me. Me. Me. The Spider in the Web.

The Law of Correspondence and the Law of Projection


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We live dangerously in the law of Sowing and Reaping – thus, the alarming message of this book… What is Karma? It may be different than what we think…

At the same time, we are a danger for our fellow people. As long as we think and act negatively, we are caught up in a network that consists of egoism, envy, resentment, lack of love and other faulty attitudes. It is the web of our “correspondences,” into which we have spun ourselves, like a spider, waiting for its victims.

This book exposes what takes place among us human beings in terms of influencing and manipulation, and, at the same time, airs the veils that hide from our eyes what invisibly takes place on the Earth and in the realms of the souls as a result of our wrongful behavior. Yet this book also shows us how we can find our way out of our human entanglements.

eBook – Me. Me. Me. The Spider in the Web.