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Open Up and Find Yourself

The Treasure Chest of My Existence


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Product Information

Spiritual Tips and Insights for anytime, anywhere! This small booklet is meant to be opened and read randomly… wherever you end up. A beautiful spiritual gift for yourself, or a close friend.

Invaluable nuggets of wisdom from Gabriele for your daily life. Take this booklet in hand, over and over again. Let your consciousness choose the corresponding page for you. … It is not by chance! Let yourself be surprised.

  • Each new morning is a small incarnation, a small new birth. Thus, each day is a piece of a new life. We decide what we make of this day, ourselves.
  • The happiness that comes from giving love is victorious over every kind of hardness, every egoism, every expectation. It receives.
Spiritual Tips and Insights from Gabriele: Open Up!…And Find Youself.

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Open Up and Find Yourself