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The Age of the Lily, The High Time – After the Time


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“Very gradually and unnoticeably, we are going into the time in which the Lily begins to grow and blossom. It is the beginning of the unity of a life in God, the Eternal …”

Thus, Gabriele speaks in this book with introductions and deep explanations from the divine Wisdom.

“The cornucopia, the energy of life, still holds much ready for us human beings, for example, the Lily of purity, of beauty and the wisdom of God—for a more light-filled time. Who will join us? Who will go with us? …

Despite the overexploitation of nature, it wants to radiate the life to us human beings. … Nature can also be seen as a garden in us. The countless symphonies of the flowers, the bushes, the trees, the grasses, are a symphony, a melody in us. Thus, the life in God wants to touch us and be in communication with us because everything is communication. Communication with the true life in us means to gradually learn and experience that we human beings are the temple of God that shines in us with countless facets. The temple, of which Jesus of Nazareth spoke, is an inestimable garden in us. It is the essence of the Kingdom of God, which is our homeland. …

Although the dark time still tries again and again to reel us in, we go step by step into the Age of the Lily, into the high time—just as revealed.

One morning—after the dark time —it will be time for the deep dawn to arise and indicate the new day, the New Era, the high time.”

The Age of the Lily, The High Time – After the Time