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The Message from the All – Volume 1

The Prophecy of God Today - Not the Word of the Bible


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The Message from the All
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The Message from the All – Volume 1

The Prophecy of God Today – Not the Word of the Bible

God’s Word… Not the Bible.

God’s Word…NOT the Bible. Prophecy for Today: God is Never Silent. Read about the meaning and purpose of our life on Earth, about the freedom of every being, about the law of cause and effect, about the immortality of the soul and its reincarnations in several lives on Earth; about the Redeemer Deed of Christ, about the unending love of God for every person and for all of creation, and much more.

The reader becomes a witness, over and over again, on how current and yet timeless the Spirit of God is in regard to shedding light upon the world events, on His stand toward such topics as gene manipulation or the climate change – and how, practically in the same breath, He shakes us up, gives us comfort and healing and calls for a decision from us human beings. Read God’s Word…NOT the Bible, in the Message from the All, given by Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God for our time.

A Sample from a God-Father Revelation in this Book

My child! You are My child; become aware of this and take the radiating cross into your consciousness. Absorb the words and grasp the meaning of “Christ”: “Come here, My child! No matter what you bear, be it sin or light – I love you. Come here; I want to help you; I want to edify and quicken you! Come here!” This is what Christ is saying every moment in you, My child; for His striving is to lead you to Me – home, home into the eternal, boundless infinity. Home through Christ. Home, in that you, My child, open up the inner king­dom, in that you cause your soul to shine, so that it may feel the breath of infinity and bear the radiating crown of inner love – the law of infinity.

 My child, come home! You are not lost. When sad or bleak hours come, then remember: Christ is calling in you. When joyful hours come, do not forget the inner love! Give thanks for the joyful hours and days, give thanks – then joy will also flow from your heart and you will see what resurrection means. Then your pray­ers will become selfless, because you yourself become ever more selfless. Then your inner being will become filled with light and power and will unite more and more with the stream of inner life, that I Am.

From the Contents

Among the many revelations from God-Father and the Christ of God included in this book are the following:

  • “I AM, and you are in Me, infinitely eternal – and you return through Christ”
  • “I make all things new!”
  • “Do you speak the language of love?”
  • “Are you true Christians in My following?”
  • “Feel ME present in you”
  • “God breathes back the Fall. The true life opens up” . . .

And more.

You can find this book in many other languages: german, greek, polish, italian, french, croatian, and many more…

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The Message from the All – Volume 1