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The Rehabilitation – Excerpts – Dogmas and Tenets of Faith (Excerpts, Booklet)

Bulwark of the Church Hierarchy Against the Free Spirit


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There is no coercion in the teaching of Jesus, the Christ, and thus, He did not introduce any dogmas, belief systems, rituals or cults, either. The dogmas, tenets of faith and belief systems of institutional hierarchies are based on claims to power and exclusion. They form the bulwark of “faith,” thought up by human beings to make their own adherents submissive, and to disparage and ostracize dissidents, culminating in their persecution and eradication. Church dogmas and doctrinal declarations constitute the mandatory basis for belief and action within the Vatican Church. What is laid down in them and considered to be allegedly unchangeable for all time, deeply shocked us – followers of Jesus of Nazareth – for they not only have nothing at all to do with the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God, but are frequently their total opposite. …

The Rehabilitation – Excerpts – Dogmas and Tenets of Faith (Excerpts, Booklet)