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The Sermon on the Mount

Life in accordance with the Law of God. The Original Christians in Universal Life aspire to this.


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How do I behave toward my neighbor? How do I grow closer to God in my neighbor? How can I change my life so as to be peaceful, balanced and dynamic?

Simple rules for life like: “Do to others as you would have them do to you” – whoever puts them into practice experiences their revolutionary positive effect in his life.

Christ speaks: “The Sermon on the Mount is the Inner Path to the heart of God, which leads to perfection:”

As Jesus of Nazareth, Christ gave us the Sermon on the Mount – and He explains and deepens it today through His prophetic word in His great work of revelation “This Is My Word, Alpha and Omega. The Gospel of Jesus. The Christ-Revelation, which True Christians the World Over Have Come to Know.” From this all-encompassing work, the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus is given as an excerpt for all spiritually striving people.

The Sermon on the Mount