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The Song of the Climate Change – Every Country Has Its Stanzas (Softbound)

The Long Darkness and the Light


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The time has come for the eternal All-One to give a brief overview on the times of times up to the depiction of how things are today on the Earth.

Everything is based on energy!
Everything that in the times of times was inflicted and added onto the Earth, onto nature, the animals and plants, the waters and oceans. The atmosphere and the people, in terms of suffering and cruelties, crimes upon crimes. Everything that was not amended, are unatoned energies in, on and above the Earth. A dark and long cortege of denouncements is emerging, for the Planet Earth has been groaning since having to bear human beings. However, depending on the corresponding country, the chapter of long darkness on this Earth will gradually brighten. And it will get sunnier. Because the Earth will also become more light-filled.

An Earth that becomes more light-filled signifies the spiritual dawn and the beginning of the New Era.
People of the New Era find the true God in their peace-loving nature. And, on the new Earth, build the Kingdom of Peace under the Sign of the Lily—Sophia—the purity and freedom of the love for God and neighbor.




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The Song of the Climate Change – Every Country Has Its Stanzas (Softbound)