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God Wants the Best for You

Your Companion Throughout the Year


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God Wants the Best for You
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Product Information

God Wants the Best for You!

Short, Powerful Quotes about God for Every Day of the Year

Daily Quotes for Drawing Closer to God in Us

A beautiful book and spiritual gift for those looking for spiritual inspiration, every day of the year! “Swim against the stream and reach the source,” for example! — Day by day draw good advice, assurance, and courage for making the best out of all things, for “in all things is God’s help.” This daily devotional contains short, powerful God quotes for each of us. We receive guiding principles for the 365 days of our year (and one, of course, for February 29, too!).

A Daily Devotional, Inspiration for a Life in God

Positive Change for the Beginning of the Year

Two short powerful quotes to start the year with God. These also remind us to get out of our heads and approach the day positively, whatever time of year:

January 20: Everything good starts with the movement of your heart.

“If you like, take the following sentence into your world of thoughts: All changes toward the good first take place in a person’s heart.  Ask God, that He may help you in everything that the day brings. You know that God is in us, and He always helps—because He loves you, because He loves us, because He loves all people, all souls, all Being. Indeed, He loves all Being, because He is the love.”

January 9: Look for the good in everything, and you will find it!

“Look for the positive in the negative and you will find it! Look for the positive also in your fellow people whom you encounter, and you will find that your neighbor has many good characteristics. Become a discoverer of the good, and you will gain completely new and undreamt-of aspects in your life. Good aspects! Your positive attitude will help you to remain composed and to find a way or the next step. if you want, try it!

Each day is a chance to find the good in everything.”

Acceptance of the Day — And Clearing Things Up

Another short powerful daily quote for the day hints at God and the importance of clearing up what is not good. This means forgiving and asking for forgiveness and living in the moment. The way to do this? Accept the day and living it to the fullest!

August 8: Recognize and clear things up in good time.

“Accept this day! It speaks to you. It is the grace of God that admonishes you to recognize in good time these and those sins, this and that seed that wants to sprout, to clear them up and no longer do them.

And if you clear things up, in the evening you will realize that it was a good and joyful day.”

A Passage for Gratitude

We often hear of the importance of being grateful.  Here, a quote on gratitude and God, a powerful short text to put into practice. This entry for July 9 gives a deeper understanding of why this is so important:

July 9: Thank God for the finished as well as the unfinished, and you will feel new courage.

“If you do the things you have intended and do your work calmy and with concentration, you will feel joy. Inner joy has a positive effect on your further work and also on your co-workers.

As soon as you feel disquiet, ask yourself: What does this want to tell me? Make yourself aware of this. Clarify and clear it up in your inner being. Perhaps make a note of it so that later you can put it in order externally. If you want, place everything, what is finished as well as not finished before God, our Father, the good power in all things.

Give thanks for everything. Then you will feel the fresh courage and creative energy that He has given and gives you.”

This book “God Wants the Best for You” can also be found in other languages: Spanish, Polish and German.

God Wants the Best for You
God Wants the Best for You