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The Age of the Lily Sophia, the Wisdom of God – The Spirit of Fusion: (Softbound)

Spirit of His Spirit, Love, of His Love


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Today, after nearly five decades of the prophetic activity of His daughter, His prophetess Gabriele, God, the Eternal, reveals that He re-moved the veils, so that she could report. And so, the core of being of her soul opened more and more. And she beheld and reported—as far as it is possible in three-dimensional words: How the Eternal Being, the homeland of all divine beings and the origin of us all, developed. From the mighty cosmic fusion through the Spirit of Truth up to the “Let there be”—the beginning of the formation of the first entities and of the mighty Eternal Kingdom.

This one-of-a-kind prophetic vision is given to us human beings, so that we may understand that our soul comes from infinity. From the Kingdom of the Being, and that infinity is the Spirit of Truth, which wants to have all His sons and daughters back with Him, in the eternal homeland.

An excerpt:

“Before the creation of the Being, before the “Let there be” to the eternal Being, there was nothing but unending light, oceans of light, also called flowing Light-Ether. All in all, it is the Spirit of Truth, highest—vibrating energies, infinite aspects of consciousness of varying streams of light—light-etheric.

The Spirit of Truth, whom we people in the western world call “God,” is the eternal Spirit, the all-streaming life, eternally. The Spirit, the All-life, knows no beginning and no end—He is. …”


The Age of the Lily Sophia, the Wisdom of God – The Spirit of Fusion: (Softbound)