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The Curtain Falls

The Sword of Damocles Over the Two Swords of Church and State


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Since the Fall, the opposing forces with their destructive power have been active – likewise today on the stage of the world – but the curtain is falling.
In his revelation through the prophetess of God, Gabriele, the Cherub of divine Wisdom draws a great bow exposing what was, what is and what will be – for time, which is, after all, energy, has expired.

The energies, the times, no longer have an inflow …
The expired time could be compared to a mighty thousand-year or even million-years-long broad stream. If there no longer is any inflow into a mighty stream, then the rest of it flows out or gradually seeps away. And if we look at the word “end-time” more closely, it means that time has ended and, as stated, the rest flows out or seeps away.
What does it look like in the many countries of this Earth? Wherever we look, there are always disastrous discordances everywhere. In relation to the word “energy,” in the end, this means – since it is about energy, that is, about time – that the so-called governments of all countries are increasingly coming to a crisis … And the god of vengeance, the idolatrous god, the god of cults, hardly has any influence over the masses. He has served his time …

Furthermore, the Cherub of divine Wisdom speaks about the New Era that flows into Eternity through the appearance of the Christ of God, who, as Jesus of Nazareth promised: I come soon! …

The Curtain Falls