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The Persecution of the Prophetess of God and of the Followers of Jesus of Nazareth

The History of the Cruelty of Church and State


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A riveting account of the vile and criminal actions taken by those who have tried to silence God’s word of this time. And the decades-long perseverance of the prophetess and the followers of the Nazarene in the face of them. The priestmen fear for their power over the people and for their titles and means. For this reason, with the help of the state, they incited against the teaching prophetess and emissary of God, Gabriele, through whom God, the All-One, proclaims His eternal word: The word of love, of freedom, unity, and peaceableness—God in us, without religion, without priests and pastors, without high-ranking people, without ceremonies, without rites and cult acts.

It is certain that no prophet belonged to the caste of priests; no prophet, who came from God, founded a religion or was devoted to a religion. Instead, they bring the direct word of God to the people, which threatens the priesthood and religion in its power over the people.

Whoever does not bow to the claim of being the only “soul-saving church” is—as at all times—persecuted. The Middle Ages is not in the past, because a past that has not been dealt with is present. The Inquisition of the Middle Ages simply took on a new “modern” garment. Yesterday it was murder. Today it is persecution with words—all based on lies. Thus, the cassock-wearers fight the prophetic word with the means of this time—ostracism, discrimination, ridicule, and character assassination.

An excerpt:

“After the followers of Jesus of Nazareth had begun to build up businesses and social services in the spirit of the Sermon on the Mount, the church representatives considerably expanded their destructive machinations: They then exerted pressure on politicians, authorities and courts in order to harm the Original Christians as much as possible, and to make every effort to hinder them in the pursuit of their constitutionally guaranteed rights as citizens.

The priests and cassock wearers have had thousands of years of practice in this. Just a few examples follow: . . .”

Compiled by Matthias Holzbauer


The Persecution of the Prophetess of God and of the Followers of Jesus of Nazareth