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Trilogy: I Come Soon, I Am the Christ of God

& Everything is Communication – Gabriele & God-Father – The Eternal Word


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Product Information

In the Spring of 2019 humankind received a mighty “Trilogy” of the Eternal Word from the Eternal Kingdom through the prophetess of God, Gabriele:

I Come Soon! Christ Himself draws an arc from the Fall event until the dawn of the New Era – it is the Messianic, Sophianic Age. Excerpt: Time and space belong to the transiency, for the reflexes of light in the universe will increase, which signify what has been announced: I come soon.

Everything is Communication: A teaching hour with Gabriele. Excerpt: Regardless of the state of consciousness of person and soul, there is solely communication, from which either the evolution or degeneration goes out.

The Eternal Word: An overview is given from the beginning of the fight of the adversarial forces against the love and wisdom of God to the victory over the Fall-system.

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Trilogy: I Come Soon, I Am the Christ of God