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eBook – Words of Life for the Health of Soul and Body

This book is based on the Christ-revelation: Cause and Development of All Illness


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Product Information

This book is based on the revelation of Christ: The Cause and Development of All Illness

This comprehensive revelation of Christ provides detailed knowledge about the processes within the human being that lead to illness or health.

Whether it is the effect of thoughts and feelings on the body, the effect of disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field on people or the fact that harmful parasites and other pathogens were and are created by the actions of people themselves – all this and much more is now confirmed by science, which was considered unthinkable almost three decades ago when this book was published.

An excerpt:

“If a person thinks and lives positively, the cell tissue orients itself to a higher life and absorbs the higher forces. But it repels the higher forces, if it is negatively polarized. This is why a lengthy preparation is often needed for both body and soul before My helping and healing forces can make a breakthrough.”

From the Contents:
* The separation from unity consciousness and the creation of matter
* The role of the nervous system in the creation of diseases and strokes of fate
* Every organ is vibration, color, sound
* The chance of reincarnation
* The quanta, the spiritual energy carriers
… and much more.
eBook – Words of Life for the Health of Soul and Body