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I Pray unto the Power of Love (Softbound)


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Referring to the stanzas of the song, “I Pray unto the Power of Love,” Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of the Eternal Kingdom, shares with us a mighty revelation of the Christ of God.

Christ draws a great arc leading up to the homebringing of all the children of God into the eternal homeland. He explains that on the way to the Eternal Being, the Sanctum, there will still be levels and communities, because there is a need to practice what it means to be in unity and in communication with all living beings.

Carefully, … I, the Christ, lead the wayfarers on the paths into the Kingdom of Peace … via a change of consciousness.
The Earth will very gradually change through the irradiation via the depths of the Earth. The planet takes up the energies of the Earth in order to transform them, because during the steps of transformation toward the Kingdom of Peace, the planet moves on to its primordial location, the Sanctum …

I am the Christ of God and the Christ-path into the Kingdom of Peace. Who will go with Me? Who dismantles with My power the still active past in themselves and in their being that is still attached to the world here and there? …

I Pray unto the Power of Love (Softbound)