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Liobani: I Tell a Story – Are You Listening?

For children from birth to 6 years of age

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Product Information

Liobani, the daughter of the divine ray of Wisdom, is a teaching angel of heaven. There she teaches the spirit children and wants to teach the human children as well. Lovingly and gently, the activities of the divine life on Earth and in Heaven are told in a simple language that appeals to young and old alike.

In this book for the youngest human children between 0 and 6 years of age, Liobani reminds them of many aspects of heavenly life that the newborns can still relate to. In this way, their alert souls are told how they can grow into a fulfilled and truly spiritual life in the midst of the material world, through a right way of seeing, feeling, thinking and acting.

Also available in Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, Macedonian, Polish, Slovenian, Dutch, Hungarian.

Liobani: I Tell a Story – Are You Listening?
Original price was: € 14,00.Current price is: € 11,20.